Personal Training

A Personally Tailored Fitness Plan

At Better you Fitness we see understand that each person has different fitness aspirations and that it will take different fitness actions to reach those goals. Because of this, we offer personal training in Lee’s Summit for those that are looking to learn to work out more efficiently, create a holistic fitness plan, or simply take the next step in their physical performance.

Our professional certified personal trainers will help you build a fitness plan and a nutrition plan that is specially tailored to you — because while a fad diet and general workout plans might look good on paper, it might not work for you.

The benefits of our personal training plans include:

  • Training and coaching from an experienced fitness professional
  • 24/7 nutrition coaching, support, and access to educational materials
  • Personalized performance progress analysis every 30 days
  • Frequent check-ins and personal fitness accountability

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If you are serious about becoming a better version of yourself physically, we strongly encourage you to become a member of our gym in Lee’s Summit and enrolling personal training sessions with our experienced personal training coaches. We look forward to helping you progress!  

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