Join Us At Better You Fitness For Our 90-Day Fitness Challenge!


Hello, and welcome to Better You Fitness, your local Lee’s Summit gym. So it is the new year, and with that new year comes new resolutions — resolutions to be better. To be healthier. To be stronger.

When it comes to fitness resolutions and fitness goals, the most important part of the journey is holding yourself accountable and staying motivated — and what better ways are there to do so than to join a 90-day fitness challenge with our Lee’s Summit fitness community.

Accountability & Motivation

Our gym in Lee’s Summit has created a 90-day fitness challenge that is sure to both hold you accountable and keep you motivated. When it comes to being held accountable, sure you could always just rely on your strong sense of will — but being a part of a challenge with other people provides you with an accountability system of sorts.

As far as motivation, how does a strong and healthy body and $5,000 dollars sound? The male and the female that can boost the best results by the end of the 90-day period will be awarded a $5,000 prize.

What Are The Details?

At the beginning of the contest, each person will receive a comprehensive body composition screening in order to establish a benchmark to measure your progress at the end of the 90 days. After the screening is completed, a before photo will be taken in order to visually measure the results at the end of the challenge.

Once the challenge has begun, contestants will have access to a “how to” guide that explains what they should expect from the challenge, a comprehensive diet plan, 24/7 support, access to a private Facebook group for the challengers, and discounted use of facility services.

During the challenge, you will have unlimited access to workouts 7 days a week, as well as 4 nutrition classes where you can make any necessary tweaks and adjustments to your challenge diet.

Join Us Today For The 90-Day Challenge!

Sound’s pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Lose weight, gain muscle, maintain a healthy diet — and on top of all of that have the chance to win $5,000 dollars!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the 90-day fitness challenge today before the prices go up on January 19th. Contact us today for more information on the challenge!